"Florida Man, Scully. It’s all right here," Mulder slaps a stack of newspapers with his knuckles. He leans over her where she sits and looks at her seriously.

"Mulder, you can’t be serious. This is clearly just a series of similar incidents. The only thing they have in common is they’re all based in Florida."

Mulder shakes his head, snorting. “You mean to tell me that there are multiple men in Florida performing the same bizarre crimes? That the man who tried to rob the brother’s CVS with a water nozzle is a different person from the one who killed their husband with a squirrel?”

She looks at him incredulously. “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

"Why don’t you believe, Scully? Why can’t you believe for once that maybe — just maybe — the unexplained and fantastical has a place in our criminal investigations."

"I think you want to believe so badly that no state can be as terrifying as Florida that you’ve constructed this omnipresent figure to assuage your anxieties."

He shakes his head once more, arms akimbo. “I’m telling you, Scully. There’s something strange about this case and we’re going to figure it out.”

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Title: Hooked On A Feeling Artist: Blue Swede 74,530 plays




Hooked On A Feeling - Blue Swede




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Top Gun & Archer - Part II

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Community: Im-Posters for 9 Signature Episodes

#SixSeasonsAndAMovie? EW's Darren Franich and Jef Castro imagine promo art inspired by classics. 

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me: i better screenshot this just in case i need to use it for black mail

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Struggling between:

  • wanting a career for which the prospects are almost exclusively East Coast and urban, and
  • wanting to live in a place that’s mountainous and free of light pollution.

Solution remains unfound.






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For thousands of years we had divine right. Now we have trickle-down economics.

Nick Hanauer, billionaire and venture capitalist

The Diane Rehm Show (15 July, 2014)