i searched up ‘hurdlers without hurdles’ on google and i dont regret it

these boots are made for walkin

The ol razzle dazzle

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Why don’t I see anything on Tumblr about Russia’s behavior in Ukraine? Believe what propaganda you want, but — for instance — no unbiased party unilaterally annexes territory from another country; pretend there was a fair referendum, but even Putin admits Russian forces entered Crimea well before then. (And in any case, the only reason ethnic Russians are the local majority is due to Soviet-era ethnic cleansing.)

And now Russia’s calling for an “independent” state in eastern Ukraine (which, by the way, I called back in January; I’ll link to that once I’m on a real computer). And Russian forces are absolutely involved; do you really think Russian paratroopers are accidentally entering Ukrainian territory?

Serious question: Why don’t I see any news about Ukraine on Tumblr?


Better get my shit packed for Hogwarts the train leaves tomorrow

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If you don’t love Wallace, you’re wrong.

who wouldnt reblog wallace wells

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he looks so pleased

"oh look. look at this apple. it me"

horf horf horf

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As much as I want to watch Florida’s first game of the season, I have work at 7 in the morning and a two three-and-a-half-hour rain delay is just too much.

Take a look at why it’s happening, though (Photo from the Palm Beach Post):


I’m tired, and I don’t want to go to work.

I want stay home, lie down on the couch and watch college football/TNT’s LotR marathon for the rest of the day. Is that too much to ask?


What if Hamas fired rockets at Britain? | +972 Magazine

Israeli officials and advocates often ask critics of their foreign policy “what would you do if you had rockets raining down on you?”  This question has a tendency to stump people who aren’t prepared for it.  John Jackson at  +972, however, has provided an excellent response by drawing a parallel to the conduct of the British Government during the worst years of IRA violence:

During the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland, civilian deaths were caused by the British Army, the Loyalists and Republican paramilitaries. But for the purpose of answering the Israeli question it is useful to look at the major bombing campaigns by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) that took place across England. These campaigns were far more destructive than anything coming out of Gaza. There were approximately 10,000 bomb attacks during the conflict – about 16,000 if you include failed attempts. A significant proportion of them were on English soil.

A time bomb was detonated at Brighton’s Grand Hotel, where Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet were staying for the Conservative Party conference. Thatcher narrowly escaped death, five people were killed (including an MP) and 31 injured. The Queen’s cousin, Lord Louis Mountbatten, his grandson and three others were blown up while fishing off the coast of Ireland. In Manchester city center a 3,300-pound bomb caused £1.1 billion (today’s value) in damage and injured 212 people. The Bishopsgate bombing in the city of London cost £350 million to repair and injured 44 people. And, as those of us who lived through those times will remember, there were numerous bombs in pubs and shops, on high streets and shopping centers, in train stations and on the London underground. The thousands of rockets fired by Hamas over the last month have killed six civilians in Israel, along with 64 soldiers, while the IDF has killed 2,104 Palestinians, including at least 500 children.

Despite the effectiveness of the IRA campaign, it would have been politically inconceivable and morally unjustifiable for the Royal Air Force to bomb the streets and homes of the republican communities in North or West Belfast – the communities from which the IRA came and amongst which it lived. It would have been unacceptable in Britain and, indeed, to the U.S. government at the time. The British army and intelligence services did terrible things in Northern Ireland, but such a wholesale massacre of civilians would have been unconscionable. The answer to the question of what would you do? In Britain’s case at least, faced with a destructive bombing campaign, it did not respond by sending in warplanes to bomb schools, hospitals or terraced houses.

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Theoretically, I’m going to get up early tomorrow so I can go to the gym and watch the Penn State-UCF game while on the elliptical. Maybe I’ll manage to complete more than 30 minutes of cardio because college football.

Hey, look: I made a pizza!